European Bartender School Launches Major Nationwide Campaign

European Bartender School (EBS), the world’s leading bartender school, has launched an exciting new nationwide advertising campaign targeting prospective students across universities and major cities.

The multi-format marketing activity has been coordinated by leading independent agency Media Agency Group.

The long-term campaign combines digital, mobile and radio advertising with dynamic out of home ad formats to saturate some of the UK’s busiest cities with the EBS brand. Activity includes nationwide targeted mobile video advertising on music streaming service Spotify and strategically-planned radio advertising on some of the country’s most popular stations. This has ensured EBS high levels of brand exposure in front of a relevant and targeted audience.

european bartender school spotify advertising

Universities and high-footfall areas are being targeted by EBS, with a range of outdoor advertising across the country in cities including London, Manchester, Birmingham, Sheffield, Leeds and Nottingham. Student unions in particular are being highly targeted in order to reach EBS’ ideal demographic, with various ad formats now live in some of the country’s leading universities. Ads also feature prominently on the London Underground network.

european bartender school advertisements at universities

table wrap advertising european bartender school

This activity marks a first major UK marketing push with MAG for EBS, the world’s leading bartender school which has been dedicated to training people to become professional bartenders since 1999. There are over 25 EBS schools situated in some of the world’s most remarkable locations, from Milan and Madrid to New York and Sydney. EBS can open doors to “endless opportunities”, providing four week courses which allow students to gain a life skill, learn from industry experts and travel and work around the world.

ebs outdoor advertisements

Head of Creative Strategy for European Bartender School, Ray Slater Berry, said:

“This is the largest offline campaign we’ve ever done. We’re hoping to reach new and wider audiences by exploring different marketing avenues with MAG. We aim to continue changing the bartending industry for the better, heightening expectations on what it takes to be a bartender.”

Managing Director of Media Agency Group, John Kehoe, said:

“The European Bartender School required a media campaign that reached its ideal demographic and, following a lengthy period of audience research, we constructed a strategically-planned campaign to allow EBS to reach potential students across a wide range of highly-effective formats. By combining mobile, video and radio advertising with other traditional formats, we’ve ensured EBS have all bases covered and speak to prospective students in universities and cities across the UK.”

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