Packaging power – the UK’s most recognisable brands

1,500 British shoppers were surveyed to find the most recognisable brand packaging on British supermarket shelves

Branding is a big deal for us Britons – it’s been found that a massive 81% of us will opt for a certain product or store purely based on name alone.

When it comes to choosing our favourite ketchup or washing up liquid, we’re undoubtedly creatures of habit and will turn to the same brands time after time due to loyalty, reputation and – interestingly – packaging.

A study of 1,500 UK consumers recently explored the influence of packaging and branding on everyday supermarket shoppers to determine which products had the most recognisable brand packaging on our shelves. The results are in…

10. Amazon box

amazon box

9. Walkers Crisp packet

walkers crisps box

8. Apple iPhone box

apple iphone 5s box

7. Fairy Liquid bottle

fairy liquid bottles

6. Heinz Ketchup bottle

heinz ketchup glass and plastic bottles

5. KFC bucket

kfc bucket

4. Pringles tube

pringles tubes

3. Marmite jar

marmite jar

2. Toblerone triangle

toblerone triangle

1. Coca-Cola bottle

One in six (and interestingly one in five millennials) chose the iconic Coca-Cola bottle as the most recognisable pack product in UK supermarkets. Respondents agreed that the bottle was the most identifiable and was just as recognisable without its logo or the product itself.

coca cola glass bottles

Design Director at The Coca-Cola Company, Alex Center, said:
“Packaging has always been at the core of the Coca-Cola brand. Our bottle is our most visible and most valuable asset. While ads on TV, online or billboards will always be important, nothing beats the feeling of a cold Coca-Cola bottle in your hand. That is the ultimate experience design.”

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