Social trends to look out for in 2017

We’ve all just about come to terms with the fact that 2016 is well and truly over – from Brexit to Trump it certainly held many unexpected surprises for everyone, and who knows what’s in store for this year!
When it comes to social media, though, we’re well ahead of the game – here are our predictions for all things social in 2017!

Virtual Reality

Will social media embrace VR in 2017?
As always, Facebook took us all by surprise in 2016 by introducing its astonishing new feature to our timelines – 360° photos. Allowing people to interact in a way they hadn’t before virtual reality is the start of something special. The next logical step would be to introduce 360° video content, which we expect to see established in the early stages of this year.

Messenger/Chat Bots

Facebook Messenger continues to advance
There’s a new, simple way to complete transactions online – but who’d have thought it’d be through Facebook Messenger! eBay are already utilising Shopbot and have described it as “your own shopping expert.” Due to its huge success already, it’s predicted that many other brands will be jumping on the bandwagon in 2017.


Content: it's all about quality, not quantity
It’s been a buzzword for a few years now, but 2017 will focus on quality rather than quantity. Brands are (finally!) starting to realise that a social media platform is essential to their branding and an extensive reflection on the brand itself. Now, in 2017, it’s all about who can create the most innovative, engaging content and stand out from the crowd rather than who can simply post the most times in a day.


Visual content is more important than ever on social media
If we can take one good thing from 2016, it has to be the continued development of strong visual content on social media. Since Instagram Stories launched in August, video content has become a accelerated to become a top priority for many brands in a short space of time. Now, rumour has it that Facebook is setting up something very similar with its own camera filters which will dominate 2017. Spare a thought for Snapchat, who could be about to see a competitor clone its features once again…

Live Streaming

Facebook Live - how big will it be in 2017?
It’s instant, and it’s influential. Towards the end of last year, live broadcasting left a considerably large imprint on social media and we predict that this trend will continue in 2017. Facebook is betting big on Live, having already invested a huge amount in the technology and the marketing behind it. With brands now beginning to use it as an advertising tool, and with engagement massively increasing we are sure this will become a new revolutionary tool with huge potential for progression.


All words by Sara Leonard.