We Are Winners | Northern Digital Awards 2019

In November we were shortlisted for 4 Northern Digital Awards based off our summer and student campaigns with Liverpool ONE.

Cut to January 2019 and here we are winners of the Best Integrated Campaign award, fantastic!

The Campaign

Liverpool ONE’s previous marketing strategies were based on driving people to the shopping centre at Christmas and hardly focused on shoppers on summer. Our aim was to target shoppers earlier in the year, so they would want to return at Christmas. 

To achieve what we set out to do we focused on core audiences with specific media placements and tactical messaging that spoke directly to each of the groups.

Based off of research, we set out a holistic media plan to target audiences using specific media and messaging across offline and online. This approach was a key differentiator and contributor to the success of this integrated campaign.

The results we drove 3.8% more people to Liverpool ONE then the previous year and gain 56% more global conversions versus previous campaigns!

You can read more about our work with Liverpool ONE here.


What Are Our Next Steps?

Following this amazing win, we will continue to test campaigns that are audience led and blend together online and offline media to help customer journeys be more fluent, resulting in similar amazing results that we received from our Liverpool ONE campaign.

Watch out for our next award-winning campaign!