How Can We Help You: 6 Benefits of Working with An Integrated Agency?

An Integrated Agency is essentially a company that can satisfy all of their clients’ marketing needs under one roof. They have the capacity, resources and know-how to implement a range of different marketing strategies in one cohesive effort.

We have put together a list of 6 benefits of working with an Integrated Agency:

Specialists from Separate Divisions Working Together in One Agency

Integrated agencies employ the best of the best! Each professional working in the agency will be an expert in their field, they will have the skills, knowledge and training needed to provide outstanding services and results.

Easier to Manage

It is easier for the team to coordinate closely with each other. It also gives the team the ability to work together on campaigns, projects and accounts. The result is that they can ensure that the marketing campaigns are given depth and breadth across the different channels, to make sure they complement each other and maximise results.

Access to The Very Best Tools

Your marketing will benefit from a wide range of tools at discounted costs. Which means you will be receiving the very best marketing tools at lower rates. Also, as an added extra, you will have experts who can navigate the tools easily and effectively to help boost results.

Build Strategies That Blend Together Online and Offline Tactics

Integrated agencies cover all aspects of online and offline media. This makes it easier to communicate between the two and create strategies that will help blend the tactics together. The result is that your brand message will be consistent across all platforms, such as TV, radio and social. You will also be able to target people throughout their ‘customer journey’. 

Staying Ahead of The Industry

An Integrated Agency will have access to industry events, stay up to date with the latest news and continually train staff. This is so they are able to offer clients the best advice, new techniques and give them insider knowledge on upcoming changes in the market. 

Excellent Standards and Time Management 

Punctuality is key for an agency to be efficient. Agency professionals work hard to meet client deadlines and have excellent project management skills. Which means time management is a priority in an Integrated Agency.