APRIL FOOLS! - Presenting AirMAG!

Following a tremendously successful 2018, Media Agency Group a leading UK integrated advertising agency have moved onto their next advertising venture… Blimp advertising. MAG launched this move by placing a blimp across Manchester’s skyline on today April 1st. The move will allow advertisers to book either a small space on a blimp ‘Title Advertising’ or they will be able to cover the whole blimp ‘Wrap Advertising’ and will launch the start of a new company division called ‘AirMAG’. 


The new director of AirMAG Joe King had this to say on the move. “This really does encapsulate the blue sky thinking that we have here at MAG and gives us yet another advertising option to add to our extensive portfolio. With more of our clients looking for event-based and viral advertising, we believe that the skyline is the perfect place to put that message”.

So what do you think of the move? Is 2019 the year of the blimp? Only time will tell of course but this again shows that in 2019 for Media Agency Group, even the sky is not the limit.

To check availability, please contact hello@mediaagencygroup.com today!