Premiere Night: Love Island 2019 


It’s that time of year again, where the whole of the UK is caught up in the love, drama and heartbreak that stems from the Love Island villa! 

The launch of the 5th series pulled in a massive 3.3 million TV viewers for the premiere and a further 0.4 million viewers from non-tv devices. That’s a total of 3.7 million Love Island fans! 

This year’s premiere viewers increased by 12% YOY since the series 4 premiere. These results make series 5 episode 1 the biggest launch of the show yet. 

With 0.6 million of the viewers coming from the age group 16-24, it was the most watched programme on any channel for this age group this year. 

Along with the amazing viewing results, Love Island was Twitters top trending topic of Monday night with millions of accounts discussing and creating memes of the episode as it aired… #itiswhatitis.