Case Study
Bermuda Tourism



Bermuda Tourism engaged mag to create a high-end media campaign to build consumer awareness in the UK, about Bermuda as a luxury holiday destination.

The winter “Pink Sale” was the main theme and driver of the campaign activity, which included offering discounts of up to 50% off holidays to Bermuda


The Objective

Our objective was to deliver a integrated campaign to increase UK travellers by 5% and room occupancy by 20%.

The Challenge

  • Bermuda is a well-known holiday destination (often mistaken for being in the Caribbean).

  • It currently only has UK direct flights only from Gatwick (with BA), limiting its potential target audience.

  • Mag only had a 4-week window to dramatically entice potential customers to choose Bermuda as their next luxury holiday destination.

  • Mag had to find Bermuda UK’s target audience, discover what media they were exposed to, where they lived and to tailor a successful plan.

The Strategy

Mag invested in Experian to build unique UK segmentations, which identified persons in the UK most likely to be interested in a vacation to Bermuda. Mag took Bermuda’s current UK arrivals data and worked with Experian to overlay this, producing unique segments of lookalike profiles of UK customers.

Using the data from Experian, mag combined mobile and press advertising with state-of-the-art digital out-of-home activity to deliver a campaign with minimum wastage, serving a large but tailored audience with personalised, effective advertising messages, displayed on the right online content, including:

  • You Tube Adverts.

  • Mail Online – Desktop, mobile and tablet versions.

  • Online display and video – via sites inc. and and

  • Targeted Emails – With offers and call to action messages tailored to the audiences.

  • Adventure Travel – Inc. sites


The Results


UK Visitors to Bermuda Increased by 11% from previous year


Room Occupancy from UK up by 32% year on year.


Duration of stay and room nights up by 35.7% year on year.


BTA has been working with MAG for 5 years now on a number of high-profile, nationwide media campaigns. They thoroughly understand BTA’s marketplace and are consistently innovative in their approach to seeking out and engaging with new and existing customers - this latest vehicle recognition campaign is testament to the creativity and strategic planning skills that the agency has to offer. MAG’s dedication and their ability to transform these creative concepts into successful media campaigns that deliver valuable ROI make them an intrinsic part of BTA’s marketing efforts
Bermuda Tourism Authority