Case Study
Broncho Stop

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Omega Pharma were looking to launch BronchoStop herbal medicine brand into the UK market. They had stiff competition and were keen to establish themselves as the ‘go-to-brand’ for families throughout the Christmas/winter season. 


The Challenge

  • The UK over-the-counter medicinal industry was an already very busy and competitive marketplace and BronchoStop and was looking to generate share of voice and market share.

  • Mag had to strategise a blend of media, which was going to deliver ‘cut-through’ for this new-to-market brand, on a limited budget. 

Our Objectives

Using vibrant, colourful, simple and contextually relevant creative, Omega Pharma were able to both harness on the traditional strengths and benefits of the OOH channel, whilst also taking advantage of its newer digital platform to add layers of localised consumer messaging.

It was vital that we delivered fantastic ROI (working within budget restraints), whilst ensuring that BronchoStop punched above its weight. We were looking to:

  • Build brand equity & awareness.

  • Drive penetration into the brand.

  • Educate shoppers on the efficacy of pastilles.

  • Encourage this cross purchase of both liquid & pastille.

The Strategy

At the time of BronchoStop’s arrival in the UK, awareness of the product was at an all-time low. Mag and BronchoStop ran a national campaign, split out regionally to key UK cities, allowing us to:

  • Increase consumer awareness.

  • Encourage consideration.

  • Drive footfall to store. 

We used a mixture of proximity and brand fame generating formats, with an ‘always on’ approach throughout December. 

We linked to data feeds, enabling a trigger that increased opportunities to see during periods of cold or wet weather. Dynamic copy was used, which spoke to the audience in each city and shopping location, aimed to initiate a response from their audience based on the positive brand affiliation.


After the campaign had ended the client saw “significant uplift in both brand unit sales and value sales”, over what was considered a warm winter. The combination of the full campaign suggested that BronchoStop saw an increase in market share against some tough competition.


The Results


BronchoStop successfully delivered sales of 427,000 units -giving Omega Pharma market share of 14%


Market share for the brand increased by +5% during the campaign period.


The brand share continued to grow for a further 12 weeks after the campaign finished. 


The campaign reached over 25m consumers.