Case Study



Founded in 1823, Liverpool John Moores University is a higher education institute. They were looking to increase applications of new students for the forthcoming year.


The Challenge

  • The higher education sector has become extremely competitive over recent years. 

  • High fees and reduced application numbers have meant that Universities are having to work harder to make their experience look as attractive as possible - not only to deliver an excellent education, but also a great University experience. 

  • With many institutions now advertising in very broad geographical areas, most areas have multiple competitors’ active on their doorsteps, so even their core local markets are under threat.  

  • Building desire to study and overall credibility was crucial to success. 

Our Objectives

  • Build awareness

  • Build credibility

  • Increase applications

The Strategy

  • It was key that we presented LJMU in prestigious, relevant environments that were credible to the target groups - to reflect the quality of LJMU education to potential students. 

  • A broad geographical approach and strong messaging ensured that cover and impact was significant.


The Results


4.6% increase in student numbers (17/18) achieved while maintaining intake quality.


Highest number of students (17/18) since 2010.


An increase of 2.23% in graduate prospects (2017).