Case Study
Visit Mexico

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Mexico Tourism are a key player in the luxury holiday market, consistently looking for ways to differentiate themselves from other Caribbean Islands. Using a mixture of formats across the UK, mag strove to increase the penetration of the brand amongst luxury holiday travellers.


The Challenge

  • Tourism is a very crowded market, with many destinations looking to attract holiday makers in several diverse ways. 

  • We needed to branch out to new areas and use a multi-pronged attack when looking at both the client’s market and budget.

Our Objectives

The objective was simple: 

  • To increase tourism to Mexico destination.

  • Work in collaboration with partner hotels and airlines.

The Strategy

Working across several disciplines to target varying holiday makers, we worked on increasing brand saliency, with slight up weights around key times of the year to increase sale activation and partner sales.


The culmination of different media formats and locations meant that the client and their partners were very happy with how the campaigns looked and how they reached their target market. 


The Results


Mexico Tourism saw an increase in overall tourism with strong sales and uplift from partners.