Case Study
Scalable Capital



A new brand to the UK financial market we needed to work across a number of formats and audience demographics to ensure brand uplift and investment uptake. Taking a slightly different approach to finance we look at educating the audience through events.


The Challenge

Scalable Capital was well established in Germany and therefore needed an educational campaign to audiences. The second challenge was reaching the audiences who were cash rich but time poor, who could invest a minimum of £10,000

Our Objectives

The objective of the campaign was to launch this German company into the UK markets, raise brand awareness and drive investments

The Strategy

The investment world is still complicated to many people, and therefore we had to drive an educational message forward to consumers. We also worked with Scalable Capital to promote Events to drive audiences there to fully understand who Scalable Capital were, what they were offering and the benefits they could achieve.


The Results


With the campaigns, we saw an incremental frequency to web traffic.


The campaign brought increase in sign ups and investments to the company and also sell-out events.