Case Study

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Zoom.US are a video conferencing service which is simple to use, allows people to work whenever and wherever they are without the hassle of location or time. An established brand in the US, Zoom.US were looking to break into the UK market, starting with London.


The Challenge

  • In a world where we have the flexibility to work remotely and not having to sit in an office from 9 - 5, the challenge with this activity was to reach all audiences who would benefit from this product.

  • This included businesses, home-workers, students and even colleagues who don't work in the same office space.

  • Keeping the product in mind, we needed to find the media formats in London that would speak to their core market whilst also developing cut-through against the hustle and bustle of the capital city.

Our Objectives

  • The core objective from the London activity were to create high impact above-the-line campaigns, to drive individuals to actively choose Zoom as their preferred platform.

  • Utilising the budget in key areas of London, mag ensured that the media placements selected would work hard for the investment, whilst also ensuring that the client's brand was kept strong across the key campaign periods.

The Strategy

  • In order to reach a wide array of audiences who would use Zoom, mag had to create campaigns that had the impact and the frequency to offer cut-through of the London scene - whilst driving results.

  • Thinking about the audience, we needed to select media which would increase frequency, activate the brand and ultimately drive penetration within London.

  • In conjunction with Zoom, mag selected key areas of London that would produce astronomical business affects for the brand.


  • The client is very happy with the media placements and campaign options.

  • They continue to spend highly across several different options, to ensure their brand awareness is consistently growing.


The Results


For the campaign period Zoom.US’s UK division has seen revenue grow by over 275%.


When looking at the UK customer base this has grown by nearly 150% YOY.