How we do it

So how do we create the results you’re looking for?

Most importantly, we make the time to listen. MAG are always happy to arrange conference calls, video calls and in-person meetings. We believe it’s important to fully understand the past, present and future of a brand or business in order to cultivate a media plan that delivers.

Once we have a solid understanding of the brief, our research specialists will pull together the most relevant statistics and look at the facts. This includes all types of analysis, including predictions of future trends and market influencers. We seek to understand how any potential social or economic affairs could impact the success of media activity and consider all options when maximising effectiveness; we don’t just pick the easy one.

Only when we’ve collected the data and evidence, will we create a full strategy and rationale. The inclusivity of our client is crucial throughout this process, and we rely on the proof of our tools & research to ensure we execute campaigns that produce results.

MAG Process

Tools & research

The tools we have give us extensive econometric models and detailed applied knowledge of bespoke programmatic advertising, AI and VR technologies and many more areas of expertise.

The state-of-the-art digital suite allows us to visualise campaigns across all platforms, and in a digitally evolving world, this is a crucial unique asset that only MAG possesses. Not only this, we have access to our own specially built eye-tracking software and several devices that allow us to profile audiences and give us insight into industry activity.

This means we can deliver high quality, data-driven, scientific results every time we work with your brand, tailoring your campaign to the smallest detail.

MAG Tools