TV Advertising

What is TV Advertising

TV advertising is a leading advertising format, used to convey a paid message on television, which typically promotes a product, brand or service. TV advertising remains one of the most effective and popular marketing mediums.

Why use Advertising

Because TV commercials demonstrate. The old saying for effective story-telling goes … ‘show, don’t tell’, and this is what TV does so effortlessly. Imagine your brand or product centre stage beneath the spotlight and with all eyes and ears on its every move. You can set the scene and direct the action, deciding how best to present your brand’s story to a captive TV audience of millions. It’s visual, it’s dramatic and you can think big.

How does it work?

Planning and Booking - Strategically planning then booking in the media, ideally before AB Deadline (8 weeks in advance) to achieve the best price and impacts

Schedules - We look over schedules to ensure they look in the best shape to start the campaign. For example, if there looks an uneven distribution of spots/ratings over particular programmes, channels or days, we work with the sales house to rework schedules. We will then share these with yourselves

Tracking - By adding the pixel on your website for lead conversions and also including call data for call attribution, we will track the campaign daily looking to the best way to optimise in the most efficient way for Policy Expert. We will send weekly reports over and can provide access to your own dashboard if requested.

Optimisation - Both the Account Manager and Head of Planning will sit down every week to review what is or is not performing well and work out a strategy to provide changes to the plan. We will then send these over to yourselves for approval and then change the schedules. If there is a sudden cause for concern, we will change this straight away, after consulting with yourselves

The Facts

40% increase in campaign effectiveness when combined with TV Advertising

75% of all indviduals daily video consumption happens threough TV.

The average number of TV adverts the average individual sees each day is 45.

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