Celebrating National Burger Day


To celebrate National Burger Day, we’ve dug through the archives to find some of the best and most memorable burger inspired adverts…

Ronald McDonald’s debut appearance

The portrayal of the Maccies mascot way back in 1963 is unrecognisable today. The character came about when Willard Scott (a local radio personality) who played ‘Bozo the Clown’ performed under the name Ronald McDonald the Hamburger-Happy Clown’

No More Whopper

Burger King turned to ‘real life’ reactions as they recorded the reacion of customers as they found out the chain no longer stocked their trademark offering.

Wendy’s Superbowl Debut

Following a spat with a Twitter user over the freshness of their burgers Wendy’s delivered a no-nonsense putdown which you can see below. The altercation inspired a new, sassier tone of voice for them online as well as this ad…

Simpsonize Me

Movie tie-ins have been a common ad opportunity for fast-food, but none did it better than Burger King coinciding with the launch of The Simpsons Movie. They also launched a ‘Simpsonize Me’ app that allowed people to create Simpson-style avatars from their photos.

Where’s The Beef?

Still widely viewed as the most memorable burger-inspired ad of all time. With one simple question Clara Pellar became a national celebrity and the phrase went on to become an expression for anything unsatisfactory.

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