Unveiling or Unfailing….

After all the hype and glamour surrounding last night’s unveiling of the iPhone X, Apple’s party-piece, their ten year celebration of being at the forefront of technical advancement, it was that very technology failing that ultimately stole the limelight.

Their revolutionary facial recognition, allowing users to unlock and make payments by simply looking at the screen, didn’t quite go to plan…

Others have faced a similar fate though, here’s some of the biggest unveiling blunders and marketing nightmares from over the years.

Ousamane Dembele’s Barcelona Unveiling

When Barcelona signed one of the most exciting young talents in world football for around £135m they probably expected their new star man and hefty investment would be able to string together a few keepy-ups… Apparently not.

Honda conquered by stairs

The classic clip shot to viral fame, before viral fame was really a thing. What’s funnier than the robot monumentally crumbling at the sight of stairs, is the sheer panic of the poor bloke tasked with dragging a screen across to cover the shamed bot.

Microsoft crashes

Presenting a new product can be daunting at the best of times. Presenting Microsoft’s brand new operating software with Bill Gates looking over your shoulder? Even worse. Doing all this and the software instantly crashing? Well…

Steve Struggles

A prime example of mishaps happening to the best of us. When the Wi-Fi in the exhibition centre was overworked by the hundreds of bloggers, Jobs’ demonstration was haulted in its tracks. He keeps it together on stage pretty well, backstage though, probably a very different story…

All words by Brad Lengden.