Video Game Day: Fifa Ads Through The Years

No game has come close to making the impact that FIFA has over the years. FIFA 17 has once again dominated video game sales since its release, becoming the fastest selling game of the franchise so far.

Fifa 18 is predicted to surpass this once again when it’s released later in the month and since today marks #VideoGamesDay, there’s no better time to look back at some of the games’ most iconic ads.



Back where it all began for the game, not a recognisable face in sight but the charm of these indistinguishable figures recreating real-life football moments launched the biggest gaming franchise in history.


Not many ads have screamed cool as much as this did, a standout soundtrack and the world’s best (at the time) players being chased down by helicopters. This felt much higher-budget than anything previous and set the tone for years to come.


The one that held the ability to create something more epic than ever. The combination of the poetic narration and the way it captured the agony and ecstay of fans around the world left FIFA 10 being widely regarded as the most memorable and well-loved edition.


This ditched the focus on the big names of the game, and honed in on the average-Joe, the everyday football fan and the love of the beautiful game. It was one that resonated with the Sunday league heroes and was a welcome step away from the mould.


The latest edition actually saw a pretty stripped-back campaign, but one that taps into a storyline that never wears thin with fans. A young lad making an unexpected debut, and inevitably it becoming a dream come true as he ends the ad by finding the top corner…

All words by Brad Lengden.