Creative at mag.


Mag creative - Informed creative.


At mag Creative we combine our industry insight with the power of creative execution to deliver real and relevant impact for our clients.

With so much competition across the media landscape, you need to know that your content will be seen by the right people – your audiences – and we know where they are, what they are doing and what matters to them.  We use that insight to inform our creative to make content that resonates and works. 

We call that ‘Informed Creative’.

Whether you are looking for a fresh approach to your creative, or you need hand-holding through your first creative venture, then we have the creativity, skills and experience to develop impactful concepts for you. 

And of course, it keeps it all in one place so it’s efficient for you and ensures that everything is beautifully on brand, on mission and on budget.

To quote Anna Higgs*, “Let data inform your flightpath, but let creativity set the altitude. The more you do that, the higher you’ll fly.”

*Anna Higgs is Head of Entertainment at Facebook and knows a thing or two about making content that works.