The Return of the Budweiser Frogs

Bud Light has now been officially launched in the UK – and we couldn’t be happier that the iconic advert, starring the famous Budweiser frogs, is back on TV!

It first aired on our screens in 1995 during Superbowl XXIX, and is still one of the most recognised adverts today. The CGI re-generated advert is now back for the big UK product launch with a fresh Bud Light twist, replacing our three favourite frogs Bud, Weis and Er with Bud, Light and Beer in the same humorous manner.

Throwing it back to 1995, the target audience for this product was described by Bud’s brewery Anheuser-Busch as ‘contemporary adults’ (that’s adults aged 21 to 34.) They claimed this age group were more likely to develop life-long brand choices, which was important for repeat custom. So, will the return of these infamous amphibians be appealing to the same audience as 20 years ago or appeal to the younger generation?

Generally, ‘light’ beers tend to underperform in the UK in comparison to the US market. However, recent figures from Mintel Marketing Trends shows people drinking low alcohol beers has increased from 12% in 2015 to 14% last year – suggesting the advert could be aimed at a broader audience than previously.

Bud Light marketing manager Andre Filamore has been excessively involved in this decision commenting:

“The launch of Bud Light in the UK is one of AB InBev’s biggest ever brand campaigns, to celebrate this, we’re playing on the nostalgic elements of one of our most iconic and memorable ads, whilst also giving it a uniquely Bud Light twist’

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All words by Sara Leonard