How to Market your Fashion Brand

How to Market your Fashion Brand

The global fashion marketplace is a 2.5 trillion-dollar industry. Research shows that around 80 billion pieces of clothing are consumed globally each year, and this doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.

So, if you’re a new ‘fashion brand on the block’, how do you market your brand and attract consumers in a competitive global marketplace??

Stand out

It is important to find a way to make your brand and your products stand out from the rest. A perfect example to help people recognise your brand is the use of a fluent ident in all your marketing activity. For example, Pretty Little Thing has the pink unicorn (everything from in their adverts to on their delivery packaging) and Very have their pink box. These are iconic idents that allow consumers to automatically differentiate the company from their competitors.


Get your social media right

Look at your target audience and see what they connect with (e.g. humour and shock are always 2 of the highest performers in terms of engagement). Then look at your companies’ values, tone of voice, USP’s and find a way to connect your brand to the audience. Research has proven that emotional creative performs exponentially better than direct messaging/call-to-actions. A campaign that resonates with your core audience, copy and creative can make all the difference in getting you those results!! Understanding your audience and focusing on the right message at the right time of the day is also key in helping your brand succeed through social media… so your job is to convince them why they should trust and eventually purchase from your brand over someone else.

Don’t just rely on social media and digital marketing

It’s no coincidence that e-commerce retailers are the ones driving revenue up in traditional media. Online brands have done an amazing job with paid social, PPC and email marketing, however with more and more competitors entering the market and other industries jumping into the online space for the low CPM’s and the ability to track results along the customer journey to show their stakeholders exactly what ROI they are achieving, the online environment has become crowded, which in return is driving up the costs for being able to accurately reach your core audience. This leaves brands with no other option but to branch out and find new ways to build their brand and run campaigns cost-effectively… which is where traditional marketing comes in. 


 Linear Vs VOD 

Fashion is visual and TV offers the perfect platform to showcase it. Alongside the broad reach and increased levels of engagement it proves, above all other media environments (only to be beaten by Cinema, however outranking Cinema in reach dramatically), there is no better place to be as a fashion brand. However, we are living in a world where you can have whatever you want easily. Bingeing is a common phrase and with TV it is not a negative connotation. The development of new exciting content by the broadcasters allows for so much choice away from the daily TV schedules, which is why we are seeing more and more people using VOD. The Introduction of VOD advertising shows that advertisers should be utilising Linear advertising in their plans alongside online.

OOH presence

The average UK adult spends 3 hours of their day out of home, therefore if you are not using outdoor advertising in your marketing strategy you are missing a huge part of your audiences daily life. Not only is it perfect for fashion and retail for creating the impact and fame they need to stand out in a saturated market, but 83% of people recall OOH advertising 30 minutes before they go shopping, providing an opportunity to drive immediate sales.

The outdoor environment is advancing very quickly, with new technology and ways to target your audience effectively. With digital boards you have an innovative creative canvass to create unavoidable and relevant adverts that consumers love. Creative opportunities include the likes of dynamic messaging triggers, real time messaging, face and vehicle recognition technology, weather sensitive targeting, interactive touch points and much more.

Be creative with OOH and you will stand out.

Look ahead for the next trend 

Leading the way there are already products and companies out there allowing consumers to order and receive items before being charged for them. Allowing them to order more items and return if they don’t like them before they risk having any money taken out of their bank. The companies catering for this will jump ahead and increase revenues because it’s a lot harder to give something back when it’s already in your hand!